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Best Bars on Fremont Street Las Vegas

Bars On Fremont Street

Explore the best Las Vegas bars on Fremont Street, like Banger Brewing, Downtown Cocktail Room, Artifice, Laundry Room, and Atomic Liquors.

Banger Brewing

Located at the West End of the Fremont Experience Banger Brewing always has great people watching served up with delicious craft brews and food. If the freaks on Fremont aren’t enough entertainment there are games at the tables for the group or to distract the kids while the adults tend to their beverages.

Downtown Cocktail Room

The vibe of the Cocktail Room is tangible when you walk in through the special back alley door. With the dimly lit 70’s decor of Vegas’ yesteryear you can almost feel the classic characters sitting next to you as you sip one of the many exotic hand crafted cocktails that put the room on the map to begin with. A great place to sneak away from the rest of the group for a private nip or rendezvous. Located at 111 S. Las Vegas Blvd.


Artifice is a casual neighborhood bar with good food and hand crafted unique drinks. With three different art themed rooms the potential for a different experience is high so it’s always a good idea to journey back if you find yourself in Vegas often and are looking for a reliably different hang. Check the calendar to see when live bands, DJ’s, and Karaoke nights are happening as they are always changing and keeping things fun. Located at 1025 S. 1st St. #100

Laundry Room

Despite what you may think the Laundry Room is for class and manners exclusively. If you are rude or found yelling you will be asked to leave in order to maintain the awesome speakeasy prohibition era bar. Reservations are required which can only be made via txt message. If you would like to try for a reservation please send a detailed request to 702-701-1466 and remember, be polite and stay classy Las Vegas! Located at 525 E. Fremont St.

Atomic Liquors

Being the oldest free standing bar has its perks, like you remember standing on the roof watching atomic bomb testing in the desert outside of Vegas while drinking cocktails and socializing. Known to be frequented by various celebrities to this day and feature in the film The Hangover, if you want to have a cocktail and have a blast while doing it make sure Atomic is on your list! Located at 917 Fremont St (Fremont and 10th St)