Historic Boulder City

SEGWAY 4 PACK for $500

Join us on an historic tour of beautiful Boulder City! Hotel pickup 9:15-9:30 a.m., and arrive back in Las Vegas by 2 p.m.

Boulder City began as a settlement to house workers of the Hoover Dam in the early 1930s, and has grown into a vibrant, family-oriented city of more than 15,000 people. Your Segway takes you through the city’s quaint downtown area, with a stop at the Hoover Dam museum, before continuing to a high-angle view of Lake Mead and the surrounding area. We then wend our way down the River Mountain trail to Hemenway Park where, with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to view majestic Big Horn sheep in their natural habitat. After a delicious lunch at Tony’s restaurant back in the downtown area, we hop into the van and take a trip across the historic Hoover Dam.

Why choose to do a Segway Tour with us?

  • We have knowledgeable and amazing tour guides who provide you with cool historical facts while ensuring your experience is an enjoyable and memorable one.
  • Segway tours are usually given in small groups so you have personalized one-on-one training and the attention you need to add to your gliding experience.
  • Riding Segways are fun and something that should be on everyone’s checklist to try at least once! We assure you, once you are fully trained to glide on a Segway, you will want to glide all day long. If you have taken Segway tours in other cities, be sure to add Las Vegas to your list!
  • Customer service is our highest priority here at Segway Las Vegas and we will ensure that you end your Historic Boulder City Segway tour with a huge smile.
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