I Just Want to GLIDE!

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This tour is all about riding the Segway PT. Perfect for groups with shorter attention spans, or those who just love to GLIDE!

Note: MyVegas/MLife Rewards cannot be redeemed on this tour.


• One hour

Downtown Las Vegas Segway Tour

Perfect for groups that may not be interested in hearing the whole story but still want to see cool sights and most importantly want to ride a Segway PT through Downtown Las Vegas! After a 20-minute training, start cruising through Downtown Las Vegas with a focus on a fun ride while passing many of the iconic sights that make Las Vegas famous. You’re treated to cool sights but this tour does not have time to stop for many photos because the focus of this tour is to ride the Segway PT while grabbing some quick views.

Please beware this Segway tour may fuel your appetite for more! If that is the case, you’re welcome to join a full guided tour of Las Vegas at a later time for a discounted rate.

Segway Las Vegas
Phone (702) 596-1111
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901 S. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101