Red Rock Canyon Tours

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Take in the majestic view of the Southwest's unique geology, plants, and animals with an adventure into the best part of the Mojave Desert. Your smooth-riding Segway takes you past the sandstone peaks of Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, on a journey through the spectacular, ancient landscape.

Start the tour with a ride from your hotel into Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, about 20 miles west of Las Vegas. After a look through the visitor’s center, head down to the parking lot for some training on the Segway from your professional and experienced guide. After a little practice to get the hang of the Segway, our “glide” takes you more than 8 miles (12 km) around the scenic loop, with stops to stretch your legs, take photos, and look for hikers and climbers high above as you gaze upon the red rock formations and learn about the history of this breathtaking canyon. The Red Rock Canyon tours Stop at the scenic loop’s highest elevation to get a glimpse of the valley laid out below. Snap a picture on “kissing rock” while you’re there. Your tour ends with some light refreshments at the picnic area and a van ride back to your hotel. Join us on your trip and discover why Segway Las Vegas is your top choice for Red Rock Canyon tours in Las Vegas!

Please note Red Rock Canyon is a Conservation area and for the protection of the delicate environment our Segway adventure is limited to the paved scenic loop.

Why choose to do a Segway Tour with us?

  • We have knowledgeable and amazing Segway tour guides who provide you with cool historical facts while ensuring your experience is an enjoyable and memorable one.
  • Tours are usually given in small groups which ensures you have the personal one-on-one training and attention you need to add to your gliding experience.
  • Riding Segways are fun and something that should be on everyone’s checklist to try at least once! We assure you, once you are fully trained to glide on a Segway, you will want to glide all day long. If you have taken Segway tours in other cities, be sure to add Las Vegas to your list!
  • Customer service is our highest priority here at Segway Las Vegas and we ensure that you end your Red Rock Canyon Excursion with a huge smile.